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We welcome you to our newly laid out website and hope you will find it more interesting than the previous format, as well as providing you with more information and contact details of those members you may wish to contact.

The annual sheepdog trials, staged at Blore near Ashbourne in August each year, appeal to all who are interested not only in dog trialling but also those who enjoy magnificent scenery, coupled with local heritage and traditional skills. It is a local event that attracts dog handlers from across the UK, and also Europe and farther afield on occasions. It also draws a great deal of support from tourists visiting the area.  There are a number of families who make Dovedale Sheep Dog Trials an annual pilgrimage and organise their summer holidays to coincide with the trials.

If you have never been before we are certain you will not only enjoy the spectacle of some of the country’s top sheep dog handlers plying their trade, but also taking in the wonderful scenery and soaking up the atmosphere. Where there are sheep dog trials there are shepherds and where there are shepherds there is always plenty of light hearted banter!

2019 Summer Trials –  20 and 21 AUGUST  –  Blore Pastures, Ilam, Near Ashbourne          The trials start at 7.00am each day and will continue until 5.30 – 6.00pm (approximately)  PLEASE NOTE: Entries have already closed for this year and NO entries can be accepted on the field.

JUDGE (Singles): Paul Turnbull – Northumberland:             

JUDGE (Doubles – Wednesday lunchtime): George Bonsall – Slindon Staffs

COURSE DIRECTOR – George Bonsall, assisted by Rob Downing                      (Following the resignation of Wayne Allen)   

SHEEP REMOVERS (After each run) – Matt Tomlinson

SHEPHERDS – David Wainwright (Head Shepherd), Ian Smith, John Kirkham, Rob Bessant, Joe Kirkham, Tom Richardson and Steven Downing

CRAFT MARQUEE – Enquiries please to Terry Prince,  Email: